Oh so close to launching my first online class!

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2020

I'm very excited that I'm close to launching my first online class! It's called Watercolor Foundations. Through all my years of teaching the greatest hurdle for my students is water and pigment control. So I developed a class that drills down into the specifics of it all. A real study. I will also teach about all the materials, tools, brushes, pigment characteristics and properties. Plus teaching my students flat, graded and variegated washes, different kinds of mixing, wet in wet (skies!) and, last but not least, watercolor theory. I offered this class locally with videos as an adjunct to in-class work and my students loved it! I think you will too. Come study this magical, gem-like medium with me and experience the thrill of it. I'm passionate about this medium and you'll fall in love too!

Thanks for reading!

Your ever-hovering, helicopter teacher,


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