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Watercolor Foundations Course Info

Upcoming Courses

Seeing in Watercolor

This two hour workshop explores ways to see and apply paint that'll give you a kickstart on painting with watercolor. Drawing too. It's a visual painting workout that I guarantee will stretch your brain!

Watercolor Painting 2

This course focuses on advanced techniques such as: working edges, textures, negative painting, composition, layering watercolor light to dark and color theory.

Paint Funky Cup!

Paint Funky Cup, or your own mini one item still life to paint along with me! This short course is about painting direct and juicy!

Relief Block Printing

Free! Learn how to make a one color block print. This is a reductive process, forcing our brains to work in reverse. A template is provided or create your own image. 

The Creation of Blackberry Bramble


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My Teaching Philosophy

I love art and teaching people art. I believe everyone has an artistic voice and people are creative by nature. It's what we humans do. As an instructor, I'm here to teach the how-tos and art foundations to help launch students on their creative journey. To support, foster and facilitate my students discovery of the beauty and uniqueness of their own work. Each student brings their own personal approach to the course. I look to them for feedback to improve each lesson and exercise. My students help mold my courses and I appreciate that. I'm also here to learn. To be a better teacher and improve my skills along with my students. We grow together. I love that about teaching and learning. I'm grateful to each and every student for the gift of teaching. Thank you!

What My Students Have To Say

"Wonderful class! I'd been playing with watercolor for a few years but finally learned some of the "basics" about values and shadows and softening edges. Has improved my art so much.
Thanks Kris - you're a great (& patient) teacher!"

- Lisbeth

"The class covered exactly what I wanted it to which was a basic understanding of watercolor and good practices with an emphasis on knowing your tools and materials so with practice you can start to see the beauty of the medium.
Kris quickly assessed the needs of the students. Demos were very helpful as were specific homework assignments. Also, teaching us to value the translucent nature of the medium and the magic of letting the interaction between water and color do some of the work for you."

- Judith

"Kris is passionate about watercolor and enjoys sharing that passion with others. She is a foundational methodology instructor; she explains the technique, demonstrates the technique, then provides support while her students practice the new technique. I am much more confident as an artist and willing to take risks while I practice."

- Shannon


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